Gabriele Micalizzi

Gabriele Micalizzi is an Italian photojournalist, focused on long term projects using a distinctive and personal signature in his photography.
After graduating in fine art, he started his career as a photographer in 2004, working for the Newpress Agency of Milan.
In 2008 he is one of the founders of the Italian collective “Cesuralab”, under the leadership of Magnum photographer Alex Majoli.

In 2011, he reported the unfolding of the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, following the protests and their aftermath.
Between 2012 and 2014 he worked on the conflict in Gaza, in those years he also reported on the protests and rioting in Taksim Square in Istanbul and on the economic crisis that hit Greece.

For the last five years Gabriele reported extensively on the conflicts raging throughout The Middle East, he specialized on the conflict in Libya originated from the internal division of powers in the country. He has been one of the first to have the chance to meet and portray General Haftar.
He covered the liberation from the terrorist group ISIS of the city of Mosul by the hand of the Iraqi Army and in Syria the fall of al-Raqqa, the capital of ISIS’ caliphate.
He went to the Gaza Strip to document the “great march of return”, ending the 15th May with the “Nakba”.
11th February 2019, during the offensive of the Kurdish companion in Dayr az Zor area against the last Isis’ bastion, Gabriele got injured by an RPG rocket that exploded next to him killing one of the Kurdish fighters he was with. Despite the accident, he goes back to Libya in the first months of 2020, to cover the arrival of the Turkish troops sent to help President Al Sarraj to resist General Haftar’s attack.
During those years he won the first edition of the European photography talent show on Sky Art “Master of Photography” becoming a Leica testimonial, and producing exhibitions all over Italy of his work, including “DOGMA”, an exhibition of his long term reporting on the Libyan situation at the Leica Gallery in Milan.
Alongside his work on The Middle East, Gabriele never stopped to illustrate his country with his project “Italians the myth”. Through a series of different photo stories made in several situations – from the weddings in the south to the beauty pageant “Miss Italia” – he wants to tell that side of Italy that is predominately made of cliches, real italianness and decadence.
More recently, Gabriele decided to focus his research on the crime scene of Milan and its darker side, with the project “Malamilano”.
In 2020, as soon as Covid-19 hit Italy, Gabriele followed the pandemic in one of the most zones of the disease, covering Bergamo and the rest of the Lombardy region. He closely followed doctor Cavanna’s work in the countryside, and his photos have been published in journals such as Time magazine, le Monde, and Internazionale.

At this time, he is working on a project about overpopulation and the consequences on the environment and humanity.
He collaborates with national and international newspapers such as New York Times, Magazine, Le Monde, Herald Tribune, New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Stern, Corriere Della Sera, Espresso, DRP, Republica, Internationale, Panorama, Sportweek.

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