Lorenzo Castore

Lorenzo Castore was born in Florence, Italy in 1973. His work is characterised by long term projects mainly focusing on his personal experience, everyday life, memory and the relation between minor individual stories, History and the present time. PERSONAL EXHIBITIONS: INDIA Minerva 5 Gallery. Rome, Italy (1998) DISTANCE AOCF58 Gallery. Rome, Italy (1999) SZCZESC BOZE Polish Institute of Culture. Rome, Italy (2000) Zpaf Gallery. Warsaw, Poland (2000) Rapperswil Museum. Zurich, Switzerland (2000) Ruined Theatre. Gliwice, Poland (2001) Italian Institute of Culture. Krakow, Poland (2001) GKS. Katowice, Poland (2002) Spazio San Fedele. Milan, Italy (2005) BABYLON, NEW YORK National Gallery of Modern Art. Rome, Italy (2002) Pantharei Gallery. Munchen, Germany (2002) FEDELI ALLA LINEA! (with Michael Ackerman) Alchemia Gallery. Krakow, Poland (2003) GERVASIO, CONCORDIA Y VIRTUDES – P-Zero Permanente Museum. Milan, Italy (2003) PARADISO Grazia Neri Gallery. Milan, Italy (2003) VU’ Gallery. Paris, France (2004) Lucca PhotoFest. Lucca, Italy (2005) Leica Gallery. Solms, Germany (2006) Photokina. Cologne, Germany (2006) Espace Le Mejan, Rencontres d’Arles. Arles, France (2006) Mai Mano’ House of Photography. Budapest, Hungary (2007) Envy Gallery. Frankfurt, Germany (2007) NERO Palazzo Reale. Milan, Italy (2004) Torre Littoria. Carbonia, Italy (2004) Labyrinth Gallery. Krakow, Poland (2004) PRESENT TENSE (special selections with different titles) Fnac Galleries. Milan, Turin, Genova, Verona, Naples, Italy (2005-2006) AnimaArt Gallery. Krakow, Poland (2007) Yours Gallery. Warsaw, Poland (2007) Espace St. Cyprien. Toulouse, France (2010) Galerie VU’. Paris, France (2015) PORTRAITS – CONFINDUSTRIA 100 (with Gabriele Basilico, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Ferdinando Scianna, Olivo Barbieri, Mimmo Jodice, Giorgia Fiorio, Simona Ghizzoni, Massimo Vitali, Mario Guerra, Luca Campigotto, Davide Monteleone) Triennale Museum. Milan, Italy (2010) Ara Pacis Museum. Rome, Italy (2010) NOTEBOOK s.t. Gallery. Rome, Italy (2009) Foiano della Chiana Foto Festival, Italy (2009) s.t. Gallery. Rome, Italy (2013) , POLONIA 1999-2013 Polish Institute of Culture. Rome, Italy (2013) SING ANOTHER SONG, BOYS (with Michael Ackerman) Interzone Gallery. Rome, Italy (2015) ITALIA (with Anders Petersen and Martin Bogren) Dunkers Kulturhus. Helsingborg, Sweden (2017) SOGNO #5 MACRO Museum. Rome, Italy (2017) INVITO AL VIAGGIO Leica Galerie. Milan, Italy (2017) ID Plenum Gallery. Catania, Italy (2017) ULTIMO DOMICILIO Piano B Gallery. Rome, Italy (2010) Hotel Nord Pinus. Arles, France (2016) Fondazione Studio Marangoni. Firenze, Italy (2017) Galleria del Cembalo. Rome, Italy (2018) EWA & PIOTR – NO PEACE WITHOUT WAR Noorderlicht Festival. Groningen, Holland (2009) Pasquart Museum. Biel/Bienne, Switzerland (2010) Droguerie du theatre. Images Festival. Vevey, Switzerland (2018) LAND Czytelnia Sztuki. Gliwice, Poland (2018) Le Plac’art Photo. Paris, France (2019) 1994-2001 | A BEGINNING Galerie Anne Clergue. Arles, France (2019) Galerie Folia. Paris, France (2019) COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS: “2 in 1”. Galica Gallery, Milan – Italy (2002) Gervasio, Concordia y Virtudes. Museo della Permanente, Milan – Italy (2003) Circa 35. Mercati Traianei, Rome – Italy (2003) Unique. VU’ Gallery, Paris – France (2003) The fleeting moment between photography and cinema. Gianni and Marella Agnelli Foundation, Turin – Italy (2003) Accrochage d’ete. VU’ Gallery, Paris – France (2005) 80+80 photo-graphisme. VU’ Gallery, Paris – France (2006) Altri mondi. Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Rome – Italy (2007) Dimensione massima 10×15. NoName Gallery, Rome – Italy (2009) Clear Light. Fotografia Europea. Parmeggiani Gallery, Reggio Emilia – Italy (2009) Tout l’univers… VU’ Gallery, Paris – France (2009) Italian Emerging Photography – Notebook. Italian Institute of Culture, Paris – France (2010) The singled person. Ankerbrotfabrik, Vienna – Austria (2010) Mineurs d’ici et d’ailleurs. Centre historique minier – Fosse delloye, Lewarde – France (2011) Vietato! I limiti che cambiano la fotografia. Circolo Fotocine Garfagnana, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana – Italy (2011) / Fondazione Marangoni, Firenze – Italy (2011) / Officine Fotografiche, Roma – Italy (2012) Prima Visione. Belvedere Gallery. Milan – IT (2014) I Grandi Maestri. Cento anni di fotografia Leica. Complesso del Vittoriano. Rome – Italy (2017) Emergence. Linke lab. Milan – Italy (2017) Eyes Wild Open. Le Botanique. Bruxelles – Belgium (2018) TEMPS ZERO – Group Exhibitions + Film projections + Music Performances. Urban Spree. Berlin – Germany / Saint Merry Church + Le Plac’Art Photo. Paris – France / Festival La Nuit de l’Image. Toulouse – France (2013) TV Control Center. Athens – Greece (2014) Teatro Circo. Encntros da Imagem Festival. Braga – Portugal (2015) Les Yper Yper. Thessaloniki – Greece / Fotoleggendo Festival. Rome – Italy (2016) Schikaneder Kino. Foto Wien. Wien – Austria / MNAC. Bucharest – Romania (2019) Critical Archives IV: Documents. Medphoto Festival. Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete. Rethymno – Greece (2019) MONOGRAPHIC BOOKS: NERO (2004) Published by Federico Motta Editore (IT) PARADISO (2005) Published by Actes Sud (FR), Dewi Lewis Publishing (UK), Edition Braus (DE), Apeiron (GR), Lunwerg (ES), Peliti Associati (IT) ULTIMO DOMICILIO (2015) Published by L’Artiere (IT) EWA & PIOTR – Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (2018) Published by Les Editions Noir Sur Blanc (CH/FR) LAND (2019) Published by Blow Up Press (PL) 1994-2001 | A BEGINNING (2019) Published by L’Artiere (IT) COLLECTIVE BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS: The fleeting moment between photography and cinema (2003) Published by Bombiani (IT) P-Zero (2003) Published by Federico Motta Editore (IT) The Mercy Project / Inochi (2004) Published by Mado-sha (JP) Agence VU’ Galerie / PHOTO POCHE (2006) Published by Actes Sud (FR) El mar a la mirada (2008) Published by Lunwerg (ES) Clear Light (2009) Published by Peliti Associati (IT) Confindustria 100 (2010) Published by Alinari (IT) L’un par l’autre / PHOTO POCHE (2013) Published by Actes Sud (FR) Mono 2 (2015) Published by Gomma Books (UK) I Grandi Maestri. 100 years of Leica photography (2017) Published by Contrasto (IT) Eyes Wild Open (2018) Published by André Frère Editions (FR) Preto #8 with Yusuf Sevincli and Jacob Aue Sobol (2019) Published by Preto Books (PT) A MAGAZINE CURATED BY PIERPAOLO PICCIOLI (2019) Published by A Publisher BVBA (BL/FR/UK) FILMS: NO PEACE WITHOUT WAR In competition in the mid-length category at Visions du Reel Film Festival. Nyon, Switzerland (2012) Special Screening at the Krakow Film Festival. Krakow, Poland (2012) In competition in the short documentary category at Camerimage Film Festival. Bydgoszcz, Poland (2012) In competition in the international documentary category at the RIFF (Rome Independent Film Festival). Rome, Italy (2014) CASAROLA Special projection with Prima della Rivoluzione by Bernardo Bertolucci for the opening of International Film Festival of Rome. Rome, Italy (2014) AWARDS & MENTIONS: Dintorni dello Sguardo Award (1998). Nero: Mario Giacomelli Award (2003). Paradiso: Leica European Publishers’ Award (2005). The ground under your feet: First Honorable Mention Premio Amilcare G. Ponchielli for (2008). No peace without war: Golden Frog – Best Short Documentary – Camerimage Film Festival for (2012). Glitter blues: First Honorable Mention at Premio Amilcare G. Ponchielli for (2018). Ewa & Piotr – Si vis pacem, para bellum: Best Book of The Year Italian for the Photo Editors Association (GRIN) (2018). Glitter Blues: Short-listed at Grand Prix Images Vevey (2019). Land: Bronze Medal at the Prix de la Photographie de Paris/Px3 (2019). Land: Honourable Mention for Best Monograph at the International Photography Award/IPA (2019). Land: Bronze Winner for Best Documentary Book at Tokyo International Foto Awards (2019). Land: Voted by the public as one of the three best Photobook of the year 2019 in Poland (2020). Land: Honourable Mention for Best Documentary Book at Moscow International Foto awards (2020). Land: Short-listed in the 25 books for Best Book of the Year – International category at Photo Espana (2020). 1994-2001 | A BEGINNING: Short-listed in the 25 books for Best Book of the Year – International category at Photo Espana (2020).

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