Myriam Meloni

Myriam Meloni is an Italian-French photographer based in Barcelona. Graduated in Law at the Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna, and specialized in Criminology and Criminal Execution at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona (UPF), she approached photography by completing a three years degree at the Photographic Institute of Catalunya (IEFC). In 2009 she moved to Argentina, a starting point that allows her to explore the deep economic and social gap existing in Latin America, focusing her research on contemporary social issues through an intimate and poetic approach. The results of her research of those years are the projects “Fragile” on young people addicted to crack in Buenos Aires; “Genealogy of a Fallen Tree” in which she gives voice to the struggles of the indigenous, fighting to protect their lands from the abuses perpetrated by large soybean producers; and “Insane Security” in which she analyzes the causes and consequences of prevarication and abuse of power perpetrated by the police in the province of the Argentine capital In 2013 she returns to live in Europe. Her background in law and her interest in photography as a tool for promoting and protecting fundamental human rights, merge in the project “Behind the Absence” in which she documents the situation of social orphans in Moldova as a consequence of the mass emigration of women from Eastern Europe to Italy and Spain, and in the project “Lost in Tradition” where she explores the daily reality of child brides in Georgia. In 2015 she participates in the TV series “Fotografi” by Sky Arte, dedicated to contemporary Italian photographers. The resulting documentary, directed by Giovanni Troilo, was the starting point of the work “Different Shades of Blue” where, Meloni investigates the migratory flow between Sub-Saharan Africa and Spain, and the role of Morocco as a transit country and as “guarantor and protector” of the European borders. In the most recent years, Meloni has been combining her personal photographic projects, with collaborations with Foundations, NGOs and the major international newspapers (The New York Times, The New Yorker, Washington Post, Internazionale, Liberatión. Bloomberg Businessweek), her work as photo-editor of the photographic magazine 7.7 and her teaching engagement at two institutes specialized in photography based in Barcelona, L’Observatorio and the CDF (Centre for Documentary Photography). Her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and festivals such as Photo España in Madrid, ART BASEL in Miami, Somerset House in London and Galerie Huit in Arles. In September 2020, she published her first photographic book “Linde”, produced together with the Catalan photographer Arnau Bach commissioned by the city council of Barcelona: an analysis of the social fabric of 4 suburban areas of the city with particular attention to the relationship between humans and the surrounding urban landscape. She is currently working on her new project focused on the city of Tangier, in Morocco.

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